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We love our animals. Not that that has stopped most people going off and having children. Scott Berg, published in July But I would have lived a very fulfilled life if I had gotten married and had kids, too. God only knows what I would have done with them, poor things. There are too many kids anyway. I am a mess if I have to say goodbye to my dog for longer than five days. I know there are women who are able to do that. Nobody else does. I was meant to do something else. That did make things easier for me. I like protecting people, but I was never drawn to being a mother.

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For this, she was accused of the sin of cross-dressing, although the Summa Theologica and other medieval theological works specifically grant an exemption in such cases of necessity. A set of 12 articles of accusation, which the notaries later confirmed had been drawn up without their knowledge and without any correction of the many errors contained within, was sent to the pro-English University of Paris, which dutifully recommended conviction.

Since only a "relapsed heretic" could be given the death penalty, Cauchon next carried out what is generally accepted to have been a deliberate attempt to provide an excuse for labeling her "relapsed". She was first brought to Saint-Ouen cemetery and threatened with summary execution unless she signed a confession and agreed to wear a dress.

This was followed by what eyewitnesses described as a concerted attempt by the guards, joined by a "great English lord", to rape her, as a means of inducing her to readopt the protective male clothing. In the end, according to the bailiff, Jean Massieu, they gave her nothing else to wear except the offending male clothing, which she finally put back on after arguing with the guards "until noon".

The judges were then brought in to view the "relapse". Witnesses saw Cauchon triumphantly announce to the English commanders waiting outside: "Farewell, be of good cheer, it is done! Tied to a tall pillar, she asked two of the clergy, Martin Ladvenu and Isambart de la Pierre, to get a crucifix from a nearby church to hold up in front of her.

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She repeatedly called out " When her body went limp and her head dropped forward, the witnesses knew her ordeal was over. One English soldier, who had just picked up a piece of wood to throw on the fire, was terrified by the vision of a white dove symbol of the Holy Spirit which he said flew out of her body at the moment of death and headed toward French-held territory to the south. The executioner, Geoffroy Therage, confessed to having " This was followed by Inquisitor-General Jean Brehal's investigation in The formal appeal was initiated in November of Pope Callixtus III authorized this appeal known today as the "Rehabilitation Trial" at the request of the Inquisitor and three surviving members of Jeanne d'Arc's family.

Unlike the original trial, the appellate process included clergy from throughout Europe, and faithfully observed lawful court procedure. After taking the testimony of witnesses and the opinions of theologians, the Inquisitor drew up his final summary of the case, the "Recollectio F Johannis Brehalli", in June of , describing Jeanne as a martyr and her judges as heretics for having deliberately convicted an innocent woman in the pursuit of a secular vendetta.

The declaration of her innocence was read out on July 7, The religious play in her honor at Orleans was declared by the 15th century Church to be a pilgrimage site meriting an indulgence, and she was subsequently used as a symbol of the Catholic League during the 16th century. Her official beatification came in , followed by canonization as a saint on May 16, Her feast day is the 2nd Sunday in May. During her campaigns and imprisonment, Joan of Arc wore clothing more commonly worn by men. Her motive is given in her own words, either quoted directly or via eyewitnesses who knew her. Additionally, they said that she was finally maneuvered into a "relapse" by two methods 1.

This was seized upon as an excuse to convict her by Pierre Cauchon, who had been placed as her judge by the English. Since the medieval Church granted an exemption for such necessity-based instances of "cross-dressing", as defined in the "Summa Theologica", "Scivias", etc, her actions were defended during her campaigns by a number of prominent clergy such as the Archbishop of Embrun, the famous theologian Jean Gerson, etc, as well as by the clergy who were called upon to give their ruling at the postwar appeal of her case the "Rehabilitation" or "Nullification" Trial after the English were driven out of Rouen.

Visions Many contemporary attempts to explain Joan's visions have been based on the commonly-held belief that her visions were described merely as auditory sensations which only she could hear. Analyses based on this idea have led to the belief that she was experiencing hallucinations brought on by mental illness, ranging from schizophrenia to temporal lobe epilepsy and even Bovine Tuberculosis.

However, the historical documents describe her visions quite differently than the common conception of the subject, containing quotes from Joan stating that these visions instead were often visual and tactile, and could take solid, physical form that she and other people could see and touch. These quotes and other documents state that people such as the Count of Clermont, Guy de Cailly, etc, could simultaneously experience her visions.

False "Joans of Arc" After the execution of the Maid of Orleans, there were number of impostors who claimed to be Joan, having escaped from the fire. Most of these were swiftly exposed but two of the most famous are known as Jeanne de Armoises and Jehanne de Sermaises, although contemporary accounts are sketchy at best.

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According to a later story found in Metz , Jeanne appeared for the first time in May 20, in Metz where she met with two brothers of Joan — Pierre and Jehan — and convinced them that she was their deceased sister. Whether the brothers really did believe or feigned belief for their own reasons is impossible to say. For the next three years the town of Orleans stopped the memorial services for the Maid of Orleans and, according to town records, paid some of her expenses. Afterwards, the false Joan supposedly moved to Arlon in Luxembourg where she reputedly met Madame de Luxembourg.

Later she married a knight: Robert des Hermoises or Armoises. Around she finally received an audience with him.

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According to a later account of the king's chamberlain de Boisy, the king asked her about the secret he and Joan had shared; reputedly it was that the king had suspected he might have been illegitimate. She did not know the secret so she kneeled, confessed and begged for mercy. Later she was forced to admit her imposture in public. Still, there are contemporary claims that Joan's brothers had with them a woman they called their sister around In , when the maid had been "rehabilitated", there was a woman called Jehanne de Sermaises in Anjou.

De Sermaises was accused of having called herself the Maid of Orleans; wearing male dress; and deceiving many people. She was sentenced to prison but released in February on the condition that she would "bear herself honestly in dress" i. Afterwards she disappeared from public records.

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